most of my memories

have confused themselves with dreams

the girl you know but won't talk to.
3 doors down, adam brody, alias, all-american rejects, american eagle, andy roddick, art, astrology, beads, books, bowling, bracelets, brownies, bubbles, candles, caramel, cds, chenille, chocolate, coca cola, coffee, cold stone creamery, colored sharpies, cookies, cows, cranium, crying, crystals, dairy queen, darts, daydreaming, default, doug wilson, dreaming, dreams, dvds, eating out, entertainment, evan farmer, evanescence, fabric, faeries, fall leaves, finding nemo, flip flops, flowers, food network, garfield and odie, getting hugs, gift certificates, gifts, ginger snaps, gold, greeting cards, gregory smith, gummy bears, happy moments, hawaii, hearts, hershey's kisses, hollister, home improvement, hoobastank, incense, jason mraz, jennifer garner, jewelry, jimmy eat world, john mayer, key chains, laughing, leis, lemon bars, lilies, limeade, linkin park, lotuses, lyrics, magnets, mangoes, mardi gras masks, mario ancic, massages, matchbox twenty, mechanical pencils, michael vartan, michelle branch, mini golf, monkeys, moons, movies, music, nail polish, nickelback, notepads, novels, paint shop pro, painting, peach gummies, peacock blue, pens, perfumes, photographs, pictures, playing cards, poetry, polka dots, postcards, purple, quotes, rock music, roses, savage garden, scattergories, scrapbooks, scribbling, sea shells, sequins, shane west, sheer t-shirts, shoes, silk, silver, sjeng schalken, skirts, sleeping in, smallville, snoopy, spiderman, spoons, starbucks, starbursts, stars, story of the year, sunkist, swirls, switchfoot, the radio, thrift stores, tom welling, travel channel, traveling, tv, vertical horizon, victoria's secret, watches, water, webdesign, writing, yearbooks